Addressing Misinformation Pertaining to Joe Stowell and other Members of “The Void”

Update 22 feb 2013 copyOver the last few months, various members of the Harvest Bible Chapel leadership team have suggested that progress in reconciliation is being made with regards to James MacDonald and certain unknown individuals, some of whom may (or may not) be on “The Void.”  Now, the wife of a long-term HBC pastor has openly stated that Joe Stowell IV has asked to have his name removed from The Elephant’s Debt website.  Furthermore, she stated that the authors of this website have refused to comply with Mr. Stowell’s wishes.

Given the nature of this woman’s proximity to the leadership of Harvest, it is not unreasonable to assume that this is a story that is now being disseminated throughout the Harvest system.  Indeed, she is not the first person to bring this allegation to our attention.  She is merely the most prominent individual to do so.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to set the record straight and to defend the integrity of this site.

To date, Joe Stowell IV has not requested that we remove his name from “The Void.”  Furthermore, to be clear, all members of “The Void” are aware of their names being listed on the site; and no member of “The Void” has asked to have their name removed at this juncture.  In point of fact, men have asked to have their name added to the list, along with their contact information to verify their support.

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