Mike Bryant, Former Pastor at HBC and Senior Pastor within the Harvest Bible Fellowship, offers his story at The Elephant’s Debt.

On 30 October 2012, Pastor Mike Bryant of Grace Community Bible Church contacted The Elephant’s Debt and offered his insights gleaned from over 20 years of service to Harvest Bible Chapel.  His account can be read below:

October 30, 2012

Near the end of 1988, I began attending Harvest Bible Chapel and was a member of 3 different Harvests over the following 23 years. From 1997-2001, I was on staff at HBC Rolling Meadows serving in Worship Ministry, Young Adult Ministry and Student Ministry. During all that time, I came to know James MacDonald very well both publicly and privately, professionally and personally. He was my pastor, employer, mentor and co-laborer.

I have read the case brought forth in this website (www.theelephantsdebt.com). It stands for itself as well-reasoned and well-supported. Scott and Ryan (men whom I have also known for many years) have done well in articulating very grievous information in a way that presents factual evidence regarding James MacDonald and the leadership surrounding him. Such evidence and testimonial support is always necessary when bringing a public charge against a pastor or an elder who continues in sin (1 Timothy 5:19-21).

From my experience, I can personally validate some of the information and incidents included in this website as an eyewitness. There are also some matters mentioned here that I did not have personal exposure to. However, in my opinion, those matters are all consistent with the declining character of the man that I observed over many years.

I love James MacDonald. We have shared many good memories together (though admittedly most of those were in the early years). I also love him enough and have been committed to his best so as to speak truth to him privately when necessary. My public testimony here is still consistent with that desire for his best. But additionally and equally important, I add my name as a witness to the things in this website for the protection of those that I once led and shepherded at Harvest.

I am in firm agreement with the 6 statements listed in “The Hope” section of this website. I pray that the Lord grants James repentance, and also to those leaders who knowingly support this behavior. May the blessing, refreshing and joy in Christ that accompanies true repentance be theirs in abundance.

Mike Bryant

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