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  1. I’ve got to wonder when secular authorities get “very interested” in what’s going on here. A good friend of mine released a column today about a good church treasurer getting to play the part of “Dr. No” to the church–not specifically the “James Bond” character, but rather the “adult in the room” that has the sometimes difficult duty of saying “no” to church leaders with big dreams and small bank accounts. It is looking more and more like MacDonald needed a “Dr. No” or two to help him keep the church sustainable.

  2. Former Attendee April 22, 2019 — 7:32 am

    Take a break — LOL. Years and years of malfeasance and arrogance, degradation of some truly wonderful people who didn’t deserve it, layers upon layers of deceit, and you want to take a break now? You might want to follow another site.

  3. who is the man speaking on the video?

  4. more article from the Trib. Harvest has gone silent. I clearly heard that Rick Korte say that we would be getting almost daily updates from Harvest Leadership. What happened Rick???


  5. The silence is deafening from the corrupted and ungodly leadership. But a greater silence is from the saints in fellowship at HBC. If my arithmetic is correct, only $200k (even this amount is too much) was collected on Easter weekend with it’s assortment of special programs. Thus a shortfall of $800k for April with one Sunday left. I recommend 1. that the CFO be terminated immediately due to financial deceit. 2. that JMac be invoiced for gifts given that has no merit or cause in providing.

  6. If anyone on this site actually understood what money is, where it comes from, how it is brought into existence, and who controls it (hint: Jesus knew; yes they’re still around and bigger than ever), where it’s value comes from, and how usury works, this entire thing wouldn’t even be a discussion or a shock to anyone.

  7. Yes, it is Easter, and yes, HE IS RISEN!! And there are people still giving to HBC thinking they are giving to our risen Lord of Lords, and in truth, where is that hard earned money going? Even on Easter, they are still not transparent. How very sad! My feeling is that some people are going to serve jail time when everything is finally exposed, and this is why they are not being transparent, trying desperately to cover what they’ve done to avoid that. I don’t believe they can cover it well enough. God knows the truth. And unrepentant hearts do not win God’s favor. Even on Easter.

  8. while the 2 Jeff’s may have been the December 2018 culprits the one who oversaw and worked with auditor for many years is Fred Adams…….where is his culpability? He took the easy way out leaving after the HBF fiasco and now enjoys the corporate consulting life offering help and most likely recommending CapnCrouse as auditors to other organizations. if the proper reporting was never done and accounted for in terms of income on w-2 or 1099 how can he now be “helping” others?

    1. Thing is, without seeing the tax forms, including the 990 forms (which do not have to be published for religious organizations), it’s quite possible (and I would even think likely) that HBC and their accountants submitting all the necessary paperwork to the IRS to stay within the law, and probably even James MacDonald himself.

      What’s lacking is any transparency below the level of a handful of buckets of expenditures (compensation, ministry expenses, etc.) shown in the auditor’s reports. Clearly, the devil is in the details, which is why that detail is missing, including how much MacDonald and the other senior members of HBC made on an annual basis. You can look up that information for non-profits and charities, who typically want their donor to be assure the money is being used wisely, but not HBC.

      And not to let the ECFA off the hook, why don’t they require that level of transparency? Clearly they cannot be trusted to validate a member organization’s finances by themselves.

  9. Seriously give it a rest on Easter. Of all the days.

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    1. Did HBC take a rest on this fine Easter morning from taking everybody’s money after zero confession of its sinful use of God’s money? Besides, Easter for most – at least many – Christians is eight weeks, and that’s too long of a break.

    2. But you are on the site, and it’s obvious that you watched the video. Why don’t you give it a rest, too?

    3. I couldn’t agree more. The horse is dead already

      1. Not really. They found the horse, it’s back in the stable, but they’re keeping quiet because they still haven’t done anything to secure the stable door.

        1. This is James “Godfather wannabe” MacDonald: we are talking the equivalent of horses’ heads in the beds of Fred Adams, Jeff Smith, Jeff Sharda, & Bill Sperling to keep them from talking. 🐴🐴🐴🐴

    4. Watching and Praying April 22, 2019 — 1:18 am

      In his defense Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.” John 5:17

      Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

  10. I’m glad they were silent on Easter. Today is about celebrating our resurrected Christ.

  11. It is telling how your video ends – just a black hole. And that is where are all the money went…


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