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On Tuesday 5 March 2019 HBC in Rolling Meadows, HBC hosted a campus Q & A session, and it was one of three such sessions they have planned to host. The third session is scheduled for this evening, 7 March 2019.

Jessica Hockett, of Twitter infamy, and I thought it would be helpful – having listened to the recording of the first session – to prepare a list of questions that congregants can print out, take with to the meeting, and note specific responses from leadership. If congregants so wish, they can send their written notes to the TED email account to start creating a public record of answers to which leadership can be held accountable to by congregants.

The “Comedic” Graphic Video:

  • Who physically created the video that Rick Donald and James MacDonald enjoyed playing for others, assuming that neither of these gentlemen possess the technical skills to create such a video?
  • Is that person on staff? If so, have they been appropriately reprimanded?
  • Which pastors or staff members watched it, laughed at it, or reported it?
  • Have any of the pastors that may have watched and laughed at said video been confronted by the Elders, and what if any consequences do they face for their participation in these events?
  • Same questions for staff members.
  • Were any female staff members present at such events, leaving open the question of “hostile work environment” and the potential for litigation?
  • How was the audio portion of the video obtained? From another video?
  • Were church computers used to obtain these sexually graphic sounds?

Freedom House

  • Is Freedom House an addiction recovery program or is it a spiritual retreat opportunity for those with addictions?

The Rabbi Trust:

  • In what year was this retirement fund for James MacDonald created?
  • How much money did HBC contribute to it each year?
  • What is the approximate total of funds in the Rabbi Trust to date?
  • Is it revocable through some clause regarding “moral disqualification” by James?
    • The 2016-17 audit notes indicate that it IS revocable.
  • If it is revocable, what investigations are the elders undertaking to see if HBC tithes and offerings can be brought back into the church to help with debt relief?

LLC Ownership of Church Buildings

  • Who are the current and former A class and B class investing members of the HBC North Shore, LLC (Deerfield Road Campus) and HBC Aurora LLC, respectively?
  • Are any, or have there ever been any, elders that were A class or B class member/investors in these properties that HBC pays rent to use?
  • How much money has HBC spent upon improving these properties that these LLCs hold?

The Lawsuit

  • In James MacDonald’s 1 January 2019 video from Naples, FL, he stated that it was the HBC Elders that pressured him into filing the lawsuit. Who is responsible for this decision?
  • Which members of the Elder Executive Committee (EEC) voiced opposition to the lawsuit?
  • Was there any discussion of or opposition to suing the wives of the bloggers, and did anyone oppose adding the wives to the lawsuit? If so, who?
  • Who were the Elders that funded the lawsuit?
  • Why was the lawsuit dismissed WITHOUT prejudice, leaving HBC the option of refiling the suit in the future, as opposed to dismissing it WITH prejudice, dropping the matter entirely?
  • In the statement read to the congregation on 16 & 17 February 2019, why did you fail to apologize for the lawsuit when an earlier version of that statement – which was not released – contained an apology? Why was that section removed?
  • Do you wish to offer an apology now?

7 thoughts on “Questions for HBC Q&A

  1. Another question; given that Christ told people not to call each other Rabbi, is there a message in the very term “Rabbi Trust”? There are any number of places where repentance ought to occur.

    Agreed with Cheerios that with a huge debt load and likely plunging attendance, the bankruptcy courts may well get very interested. If I were an elder there, I’d be starting to put together a list of the easiest properties to unload to postpone that while reformation occurs.

  2. At least HBC is consistent, deceiving those within the church and now expanding outside their walls. What a great message and testimony that JMac presents to the world.

  3. Not seeing zoning approval for overnight camp stays by:
    non-child campers
    non-employee volunteer labor

    i.e. anything I’ve been there for

    Nice church camp for kids = camel’s nose?
    Not winsome

  4. Questions for rabbi trust
    1. Is JM the only beneficiary of the trust? If not, who else (names) and how is it apportioned among the beneficiaries?
    2. Assuming it was at one time revocable (2016-2016). Was there a change by HBC to make the trust irrevocable? When and why?
    3. What triggering events or conditions will cause the trust to begin payments, to terminate (i.e. HBC bankruptcy, etc.)?

    My $0.02.

    1. Great questions. Jeff Donaldson said he supported the lawsuit, Elgin Q&A, January.

    2. All good questions.

      1. We don’t know, but the EOY statements from 2015, 2016, and 2017 suggest that there’s more than one beneficiary.

      2. The first mention of the Rabbi Trust is in the 2015 EOY statement notes. Capin Crouse did not say whether it was revocable or irrevocable. In the 2016 & 2017 statement notes, Capin Course said it is revocable.

      3. Don’t know yet, until HBC discloses the terms & conditions of the RT.

    3. Whatever entity holds the note on the mortgage will be very interested in the terms of the Rabbi Trust. It is a potential asset in bankruptcy proceedings, presumably.

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