Dallas Jenkins, Former Member of the HBC Executive Leadership Team Speaks Again

At 2:30 this afternoon, on 19 January 2019, Dallas Jenkins took to Facebook again.  As you will recall, Dallas was employed by Harvest for five to six years; and in his final two years he served on the Executive Leadership Team (XLT).  Given his status as the son of Jerry Jenkins (of Left Behind Fame) and his status as a filmmaker, it can be argued that Dallas was the second most visible member of the Harvest Bible Chapel leadership team.   His statement from earlier today reads as follows:

Since I made my statement the other day, many people have told me I didn’t go far enough, that I was naive in supporting Harvest’s efforts to bring about restoration and health. But things take time. You need to understand that even for me, it took a couple of years to realize the depth of the problem at Harvest and with James; especially when it’s in the midst of great things that happen at Harvest. And then after I realized it, it took me almost a year of trying to confront it, trying to change it, trying every possible means of working from the inside so as to prevent some sort of public disaster from bringing down the entire church along with James. In 2017, I was in a meeting where the Executive Committee of Elders attempted to prescribe a health and therapy plan for James after a series of outbursts that had done major damage. He refused their requests, told them, “I don’t trust you,” and installed himself onto the Executive Committee. It requires a unanimous vote by the Executive Committee to remove the Pastor. I resigned the next day. Here’s the point…I’ve spoken to several pastors and elders today who are stepping up. These are good men who I trust deeply, and they’re seeing what’s necessary. But massive change takes time. It took many of us time to see it, then more time to act. There’s a lot to wade through and figure out, and a lot of powerful walls to break down. The response of “Everyone must go! All or nothing, now or never!” not only isn’t realistic, it’s not healthy if we want to see Harvest survive. Let’s give the broader elder board (the group of elders outside the Executive Committee), some of the leaders, and of course, the congregants, a chance to try to keep their church alive.


36 thoughts on “Dallas Jenkins, Former Member of the HBC Executive Leadership Team Speaks Again

  1. The tree is bare and free of fruit. In fact it’s almost dead

  2. Those who do not punish wrong doing commands it to be done. Wouldn’t you say that the actions that the Lord took with Korah, Annias & Sapphire, king Belshazzar, Nebuchadnezzar were swift? Let me remind you that the Entire elder-bord signed the Unconditional Support to James letter. It’s time for All of them to go. And by the way, the XLT a creation of James to reward loyalty to him In my opinion,is and was a satanic instrument.

  3. Another Ex-harvest memeber (RM) January 20, 2019 — 12:21 am

    I hope all churches will learn from this sad story. This style and type of “elder led”/“elder ruled” churches where the pastor and some friends comprise the “elder board” is not healthy. Harvest plants (even if you left the fellowship), if you still model your governance after what you learned from HBC and James, please consider a change.

  4. Couple of questions:
    1. What kind of power does Dallas have that he could “take down the entire church and James”?
    2. Or what does he know that he could have brought the whole thing down?

    1. Truth unwilling to be told is nothing less than part of the lie.

      Me Just now.

  5. Sue: Travis is a skilled worship leader but the mega-church idealization and climbing up the ladder is maybe all he’s known. I feel your pain in this but… no need to name-call. Yeah – he might still be caught up in the Harvest hype and trying to be the next Tomlin – who knows? Something tells me there’s a little of that in all us who call ourselves worship leaders. But so sick of the hype that comes with the North American church. However I am confident of better things for him (Hebrews 6:9). I personally have known Travis and that’s why I want to keep anonymous. We all were kind of aspiring rock stars at the time. Unkind words won’t help. I know you are hurting because of this stupid mega-church model. Still, seek to pray for people who are misled by the mega-church model, and in turn James who seems to have lost his way. :(. I pray this Sunday finds you in a God-fearing church that exalts Jesus and seeks humility and repentance. <3. I am just a slightly overweight balding guy who plays guitar for Jesus now. No mega-church girls to impress anymore…lol. <3. #youareloved #nobutforreal #letskeepinprayer

    1. I agree with you, A. Nonymous…..I’ve been rather appalled by some of the comments on this site coming from people who call themselves Christians. They may be really angry, and maybe bitter….but name-calling shows a heart not turned toward Christ….but themselves. They would be wise to look at the log in their own eye.

      1. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  6. I’m just curious…what is a “health and therapy plan?” Not trying to be cute:)…just curious.

  7. Sorry Jenkins but as nicely as I can say it your a tool! The XLT needs to step down everyone of them!! Doesn’t really matter if the 30 “elders” stay or not cause they were a powerless useless bunc who have no authority anyway. But they should probably step down for their lack of backbone to hold the XLT accountable by at the very least just speaking the truth. Harvest has good capable men who have been kept out of leadsrship roles because they weren’t the kind of a yes man James wanted around him! It’s so disgusting what happened in Naples and there is another XLT person there preaching!! Oh and Travis douchette is a little prom sell out as well!! Clinging to James teat to keep a salary!!! Good bye Harvest if that’s what it takes to have a total clean out!!

      1. They all need to go, Elders and ELT. The congregation must have Gods church back and select men that will honor 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9. The time is now.

  8. It’s not “their” church. It’s supposed to be Christ’s church. Therein lies the problem.

    More time to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic while the band plays on is not going to save the souls in the elders’ care.

    The idea that “everyone in leadership is ok except for James” is also a massive lie that the blind are telling themselves.

    Thanks TED for keeping the details in view.

  9. Dallas Jenkins speaks again and says…?

  10. Mike Medow — Former Member 1999-2011 January 19, 2019 — 4:41 pm

    Dallas—Anyone who pledges their unconditional support to a senior pastor who has clearly gone off the rails is a fool. And that’s why everyone of those folks who did so needs to go. Dallas, do you not recall just a few weeks ago the list of men below gave their signature and unconditional support to James MacDonald?!?

    “We, the Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel, express our appreciation and unconditional support for our Senior Pastor, James MacDonald.”

    How can anyone trust these men? I do not believe they have an ounce of discernment.

    Pedro Assumpção
    Sam Booras
    Joe Brightwell

    Jim Clegg

    Gil de las Alas

    Tod Desmarais

    John Dierker
    Rick Donald
    Ron Duitsman
    Mike Dunwoody
    Mark Fisk

    Ron Frahler
    Dan George

    Jamie Harrison
    Ernie Holton

    Anthony Honore
    Mark Hopwood
    Steve Huston
    Paul Inserra
    Robert Jones
    Jeffrey Kee
    Dale Kuntz
    JR Lang
    Mike Lankford
    Mike Lawson
    Dave Martin

    Marcel Olar
    Jay Patel

    Omar Sepulveda
    Jeff Smith
    Bill Sperling
    Stephen Stewart
    Elvin Velez

    Bill Williams
    Matt Woodhead

    Men, do the right thing, collectively agree to step down as elders (perhaps a time table would be helpful during a time of transition). If you are unwilling to confront James MacDonald and others like Rick Donald and Jeff Donaldson who have lied and been 100% complicit in enabling and concealing MacDonald’s and the church’s wrongdoings, then resign. You too have disqualified yourself as an elder and cannot be trusted.

    1. Mike Meadow
      You are spot on. Thank you!

    2. Good point yes they ALL need to go!! Oh and how many times have they sent James off to therapy?? That’s 3 week whatever it was I’m sure was 3 week pastoral therapy

    3. Id’ rather thank God my name is listed in the ‘Lambs book of Life’ than sign on to a list pledging loyalty to a’ fake church’ run by ‘ fake elders’ and ‘fake pastors.’ I’m sure jimmy mac and ricky d would agree! I do however thank all those who signed this list so in the future I can add their names to a list to make sure they are not hiding in other churches waiting to metastasize evil on other true ” Children of God.’!

      1. Pasquale you’re reminding me of the Pharisee in the story of the Pharisee and the tax collector in Luke.

  11. This message was great – especially the first part.

    However, i would contend with the last part. First, it’s true that change does take a long time for the initial step to be taken, but as one can see in nature once visible change starts it can go quick after that i.e. something reaches a tipping point and then it’s downhill and quicker from there.

    For this situation we could look at what happened with Willow Creek. After the Bill Hybels ordeal the elders ended up voting unanimously to all step down. Plus, both senior pastors resigned.What led up to that took awhile but when things started happening they happened fast.

    Therefore, there’s no reason besides wanting to maintain power or not get on James bad side (which appears easy to do) that the current elders don’t all step down.

    1. It may take time because this is a deep and complex problem, but they’ve had a heck of a lot of time prior to this. They don’t have much time left if they show up this weekend and offering buckets are empty. They have to be deliberate and every elder that signed that Unconditional Support statement isn’t going to be trusted by anybody who has taken a discerning look at this situation. So if James steps down tomorrow and only a few elders too, I wouldn’t hang around and trust the problem will be fixed. The remaining folks haven’t earned a promotion or increase in voice.

      Here’s a crazy idea. It’s not unprecedented for these megachurches to have boards or some form of oversight that comprises pastors and scholars from around the country. So all 30 elders step down, but install a few people from Trinity, Moody, and area churches who know Harvest but weren’t hypnotized by James. That’s the provisional board for the next few years until it cleans this mess up and installs a new board from the congregation. Then they cut a check to the bloggers and Julie Roys to cover court expenses and then some. Then find the best, most gentle interim pastor and pay top dollar to shepherd everyone that remains. It’s a long shot, but I’d beg Erwin Lutzer to come out of retirement. The remnant at Harvest would trust him but he’s a completely different personality from James.

      Can’t hurt to try at this point, right?

  12. “a chance to try to keep their church alive.”

    Lost me

  13. The issue is that the elders continue to want to resolve “their” issues behind closed doors. In secrecy. Secrecy is what created this problem; when they changed the bylaws without notifying the congregation, when they reprimanded James and were not forthcoming about the details, when they’ve covered for James after he has done something stupid, when they have mismanaged their money and stuck with “mums the word,” when a youth pastor sexually exploited THREE MINORS and they said nothing to all parents with kids near him… JAMES WANTS SECRECY. Why? Because he wins in the end; every time.

    If those elders really believe they are going to be able to change the culture at Harvest without having heat from the congregation AND pressure from the outside… they just continue to affirm that they are useless. They’ve had six years to do something and nothing has been done.

    No, the only thing that can rectify this mess is for the whole elder board, including the XLT, to be dismantled and reinstated with fresh faces. This current elder board is implicated in creating a culture of fear, intimidation, control, and manipulation; in what world would it be safe to allow those same people continue in leadership?!?

    1. I must admit that I try to understand people who are speaking as Dallas has above but in the end I completely agree with you. There has been no transparency, too much secrecy, and too many opportunities for people to step up. I know so many members or attenders who have tried to meet with elders or sent letters to elders, including myself, and were disregarded and marginalized and pushed out. For whatever reason these “leaders”and “elders” were unable or unwilling to confront James and the issues, they have, in my mind, forfeited the honor of being elder and have biblically disqualified themselves.

    2. XLT is the most crucial part to resign!!!

  14. Maybe it isn’t God’s will that Harvest survive?

    1. This resonated with me so much.

      1. Yes now we need to move on to all the others who are enablers. Again I say if they won’t get out then we need to leave them with their sins and debt. Bankruptcy on their haughty resumes will be a good start.

  15. They didn’t give John Secrest or his congregants a chance

    1. John Secrest would be an EXCELLENT CHOICE TO take over Harvest and fumigate it.
      Lets all vote on line. voting on line should be just fine for jimmy and ricky. After all, last week he said he was going digital. hey jimmy pod cast this idea!

      At least Pastor Secrest, when fully informed of what these fake leaders were up to, immediately stood up to protect his congregation from their evil and demanded a stop.

      You know, kind of exemplifies the difference between albeit, good intentioned Christians who always want to move at a snails pace (weak faith) and say the apostles. Re- read how long each of them equivocated when Jesus asked them to follow him. Each IMMEDIATELY got up and followed Jesus.
      John Secrest = David
      jimmy and ricky = 2 headed Goliath
      God will provide a 2 headed stone for Pastor Secrest!

      1. Wonder how the turn out was this weekend @ Naples???

  16. So they ship JM off to Florida to wreak havoc, just away from the midwest, like he’s going to metamorphose on the way down? And blam, just like that, they fire the pastor? Wow.

    1. The Least Of These January 19, 2019 — 5:37 pm

      Right?!? If that isn’t a “the proof is in the pudding” or a “leopard never changes its spots” moment, or Biblically, “the writing on the wall”, I really don’t know what is. James, you are a megalomaniac, a narcissist, and probably one of the least Christian men I have met. Do as I say, not as I do?? That’s not Christian. You are supposed to be a leader of many. You’re supposed to be our role model for how to behave like a follower of Christ. If we were continue to follow you, we would be behaving like someone who is unsaved and has never been taught the Word of Christ. Go home. Get alone. Get low. Get on your face, with a list, with your Bible. And start praying FERVENTLY, OUT LOUD, WITH YOUR LIST. And you better PRAY HARD that He doesn’t unleash fire and brimstone on you right then and there.

    2. It’s terrible!!!! And wreak havoic he did!!! What a complete and total disaster!!!!! And your right they just unleashed him there that Trie XLT member talking about how James wanted a church by Jan 2019 and that little puss tries to say it was all God answering his prayers, it’s all so sick

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