Litigation Update: Denied

Earlier this morning, the Plaintiff’s attorney came before the Honorable Judge Diane Larson for the purposes of having two motions heard by the court.

The first of these motions was a Emergency Motion for a Protective Order.  In short, this motion sought to have the judge “seal” any documents that had been returned thus far via the discovery process.  As you know, subpoenas had been sent to the following individuals: Brian White, Maida Korte, David Wisen and Rob Williams.  All parties, including the Plaintiffs, had already received copies of these documents that had been returned by White, Wisen and Williams; and thus all parties knew exactly what these documents contained.  MacDonald and Harvest were essentially asking the Judge to prevent these documents from being made public.

The second motion, which was a Motion to Stay Discovery, attempted to ask the court to put a halt to all further discovery until the three Motions to Dismiss were heard later this spring.   Put another way, the plaintiffs were attempting to have the Judge bar the defendants from conducting any further discovery until sometime after the month of March and/or April.

As you can see from the photograph below, Judge Larson elected to deny both the Motion to Stay Discovery as well as the Motion for a Protective Order.  Thus, the defendants in this case are free to continue to send subpoenas to relevant parties; and they are free to publish legally appropriate materials.


Just as a reminder, these kinds of victories are costly.  We thank you for your previous support and ask that you continue to generously donate so that this good work can move forward.  Checks can be mailed to:

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19 thoughts on “Litigation Update: Denied

  1. We are in the information age now. Macdonald does have a lot of favor built up with members of the church.

    With that being said people dont live in a vacuum and rhe churches PR blunders are evident. Attendees have to be reading outside sources and questioning.

    Macdonald is isolating himself from other churches and other Christians and has to be taking a toll on the church.

    Attendance will go down and so will giving. I pray that he repents and /or the church holds him accountable.

  2. The congregation should saturate that place with their absence! Do a word search on “lying” and “liars” through the book of Proverbs. In light of Matt. 7:21 and many other verses, I fear for his soul. I said this 20 years ago, but no one believed us. We tried to do Matt. 18 with him but the “elders” would not even hear the accusations we had against him. What has been revealed so far (there is much more coming), is only the tip of the iceberg! The church is cleaning its own house. In his case, it’s long overdue. It took us many years to get over the pain he caused us when he tried to destroy our family and our ministry. He succeeded in neither. PTL!

    EPHESIANS 3:20

  4. Congratulations on winning your suit! I hope you pursue and are able to recover legal expenses and fees from Harvest. God bless.

  5. Jmac dropped the lawsuit to avoid the discovery of his income, there is no way he was going to let all the sheep know just how wealthy he is.
    He carried it as far as he could to try to stop it, once they got close to finding out that he is a millionaire many times over he pulled the plug.
    I hope many more now come forward and tell of their stories of a pastor who is not a Shepard and unqualified to be in the pulpit.

  6. Still recovering January 7, 2019 — 6:38 pm

    Seems this judge understands that on his best day Satan MacDonald is a bully and tyrant who will go to any length to cover up his sin. Can we ever get this imp out of the ministry? There is absolutely nothing Godly about Satan MacDonald!

  7. HBC in the news…directed their legal team to drop lawsuit altogether. Congratulations. Now let’s explore cover up of Paxton Singer issue

    1. Still recovering January 7, 2019 — 6:39 pm

      Paxton Singer?

      1. Stay tuned…

    2. AMEN!!!!

  8. The lawsuit was a terrible tactical move as well as a questionable move biblically.

    The lawsuit is blowing up in his face to the point now that he (in one of his most recent videos) is putting the lawsuit at the elders feet.

    All the lawsuit is doing is shining more and more light to the actual facts.

    I dont think it is wrong for him to sue if people are actually doing as he says (defamation, etc). After all Paul appealed to Rome as a Roman citizen.

    The problem for him is that I think we are finding out that there is not just smoke to what has been said. It is fire.

    What is missing here is that Jennifer Roy is a journalist. She says that she published nothing in her article that wasnt confirmed by multiple sources or by actual evidence.

  9. Make checks payable to whom to donate funds?

    1. To Scott Bryant and/or Ryan Mahoney. Thank you! God bless.

  10. I believe God is in the midst of this. And I believe that justice will prevail. James is on a course for self-destruction. I don’t know if he sees that or not. But truth will win. God bless you for posting and continuing to seek the Lord and His Will for Harvest and James MacDonald. I wish I had the funds to be able to financially support you in this time of need. But you have my unwavering support here. I joined Harvest Bible Chapel, Davenport, IA the weekend of the ex-communication debacle. I have rarely been in attendance there since. There are other churches here in the Quad Cities that are warm, welcoming and preach the Word. Praise God for his goodness and provision!

    1. Your words are comfort enough. Thank you! God bless.

    2. Don’t confuse the Harvest Bible Chapel pastored by James MacDonald in Elgin (and its other campuses nearby) with Harvest Bible Chapel in general. They are completely different churches, just using the same name. I don’t know the Davenport church, but it should not be blamed for what James MacDonald does with the finances of the Elgin church.

      1. I was involved with the Dekalb Harvest plant. The church spent a lot on corporate branding having bumper stickers and other merchandise, and stayed loosely associated with Harvest Rolling Meadows. I think that Harvest Plants like New Lenox and Grayslake did the right thing in disassociating with Harvest. The other churches that didn’t were spineless. I am glad to be disassociated with Harvest. The brand made Christian’s look like Elmer Gantry.

      2. Thanks for pointing that out. After being at Harvest Elgin we are now at a totally different Harvest with a pastor who is truly above reproach and a great teacher of the gospel. He is real and there is zero duplicity. I fear any perceived association could keep people away. It’s one of the dangers of a public site.

        I feel sad about James and all there. God used him powerfully when I began going there after drifting away from Episcopal church many years before. It confuses my heart and leaves some cynicism regarding church as a place that seems too much like a business and too much like the world. Still, I’m cautious of any thing I see that rejoices in others suffering. Suffering can sometimes break our heart open so God can do his thing. I pray that for James and each remaining leader. Be close to him Lord. Only you.

  11. Praise God for victory and transparency!

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