MacDonald and the Southern Baptist Conference Pastors Conference 2019

Over the past week or so, reports have come in that the Southern Baptist Conference, of which Harvest Bible Chapel became a member a few years ago, has been facing mounting pressure to remove James Sherwood MacDonald from their upcoming Pastor’s Conference called … wait for it … “Kingdom Character.”

Now today, Dr. Danny Wood, President of the Southern Baptist Conference Pastors Conference 2019 announced the following on Twitter:

“James MacDonald contacted me personally to say he is stepping away from all outside speaking engagements for a season (including Pastors Conference 2019).”

In a second Tweet, Dr. Wood said the following:

“Thankful for this brother, and he has my prayers as he focuses upon his own local church ministry.”

This, of course, recalls to mind another “season” from a few years ago, when James MacDonald voluntarily “resigned” from the Gospel Coalition during the crisis  known as  the Elephant’s Room 2.  Come to think of it, it also brings to mind MacDonald’s “resignation” from Harvest Bible Fellowship during that “season” of crisis, a “resignation” for which his own elder board publicly chastised him. [1]  It seems that when MacDonald finds himself in the midst of a controversy, his instinct is to resign.

[1] The relevant section of the Summer 2017 Elder Update reads as follows:  “While Pastor James had approval to resign as President, he did not have the authority to dissolve our governance of and participation in HBF. This action was beyond the authority given to our Senior Pastor in the church’s Bylaws, and he has been appropriately reprimanded.”


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