Litigation Update: Julie Roys Requests 28 Sets of Documents from MacDonald and HBC

On 14 November 2018, counsel for defendant Julie Roys submitted a document entitled: “Requests for Productions to Plaintiffs.” [1] This request contains an itemized list of documents Ms. Roys requires, helpfully categorized into 28 separate groupings.  So, for instance, in her first request Julie Roys is requesting “James and Kathy MacDonald’s state and federal tax returns for the years 1995 through 2018.” Per the instructions of the document, James Sherwood MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel have 28 days in which to respond in some fashion or another.

Put simply, this is a standard opening request in the discovery process of a lawsuit.  As long as a lawsuit exists, the defendants are afforded the legal right to request all relevant information from the plaintiffs that could affect their ability to defend themselves in the court of law.  Thus, what we are posting here is Julie Roys’ legal request for James Sherwood MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel to produce material evidence under their control which is necessary, in part, for her defense in this case.


[1] This document is produced during the course of litigation and is legally allowed to be published.  To the best of our knowledge, any member of the public could request this information from the court file.  As such, this is one of many such documents that we will be publishing to keep our donors apprised of the legal situation.



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