Jim Jodrey, former HBC Elder and Business Pastor, comes forward to publicly speak for the first time.

Update (2 Oct 2013)Last night, former HBC Elder and Pastor of Finance and Operations, Jim Jodrey, approached The Elephant’s Debt with a request to post a formal statement on the website.  As many long-time attenders may recall, in 2010, Jim Jodrey retired from his 15-year career with HBC, only to head  north to Oak Creek, Wisconsin, where he took a position as the Associate Pastor of Harvest Community Church.   What is interesting to note about Harvest Community Church is that it, too, once had a history with HBC.  Back in the late 2000s, Senior Pastor Joe Martinez was shepherding a Harvest Bible Fellowship church plant when another local church approached him about the possibilities of a merger.  For reasons of his own, Pastor Martinez chose to move forward with the merger, while at the same time leading his own congregation through the process of severing its ties with HBC.

Beyond highlighting significant passages in red, we offer Mr. Jodrey’s statement with no additional editorial comment:

It has been 3 ½ years since Brenda and I, our two sons and daughters-in-law left Harvest Bible Chapel.    Although we went through a time of healing and sadness, we are not bitter and we have found much joy as we serve our Lord and Savior elsewhere.

My purpose for making this statement is to say that I have the highest respect for men of integrity like my friend Dave Corning, for Barry Slabaugh, Dan Marquardt, Scott Phelps and others who had the courage to take a stand for what is right.

Please pray for the elders of Harvest Bible Chapel.  To those who are considering leaving Harvest let me say that there are many good churches out there.  Most of them could use good people who follow their convictions and do the right thing.  May God bless you in your decision and open the doors for you to serve the Lord.  I’m encouraged from this line in the old hymn “This is my Father’s world, O let me ne’er forget, that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet”.

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  1. My husband and I have been members of HBC for about 11 years. When I first heard
    about this site, it greatly troubled me and caused me anxiety.

    You see, I was walking around in the illusion that I went to the perfect church
    with the best pastor. Although I wouldn’t admit it and may not have even been
    conscious of it, I thought that Harvest was better than all other churches. When
    asked where I attended church, I was always happy to name my church.

    God is so gracious and truly does use all things for the good of those who love
    Him. Recently He has changed my heart and made me so grateful for this site. He
    has revealed to me that my eyes were on James and Harvest rather than on Christ.
    He has given me a humble attitude towards other believers.

    I have become involved in a Bible Study that includes people from all churches
    in our area. Through this, I have been blessed to see God alive and well in
    people and churches throughout Chicagoland, not just Harvest.

    I didn’t realize that my pride about Harvest and James was causing me to
    separate myself and have an attitude of superiority towards other believers not
    attending our church.

    Lord, forgive me for my pride. Thank You for this site. Thank You for helping me
    get my eyes back on Christ. Those who walk about in pride He is able to humble.

  2. “Against you God and only you have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight.”

    Forgive us Father those of us who have thought of ways things could go wrong in another’s life or ministry.

    Forgive us for the many sinful reasons that led to us being disappointed in man.

    Forgive those of us who have not responded like Christ who while on the cross interceded on behalf of His enemies saying, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    Forgive me Father for ___________________

    “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”

    1. You miss the point. Every pastor has some sin (usually, only his wife knows for sure that he is indeed NOT flawless). What we are speaking of here is rather public behavior by James MacDonald that displays an egregious lack of character and a failure to meet the qualifications for Elder in the Church. Our Lord set forth the standards for those who would lead in the Church as ones who were “the greatest servants”. James MacDonald’s behavior suggests that of a “king” instead. He does not qualify, he should resign.

    2. “… have thought of ways things could go wrong in another’s life or ministry.”


      How about: ” HAVE SAW and VERIFIED black on white how MacDonald’s life and ministry has disintegrated and disintegrates lives of so many” ??? And how about He repentance for such intentional obfuscation of the issue so visible to the Lord and His true sheep?

      May you seek repentance for ______________________________________ …

    3. Former HBF member October 3, 2013 — 10:52 am

      Interesting prayer to post.

      Church leaders are held to a very high standard by God’s Word. One of the important qualifications of a church leader is his character. (1 Tim 3:1-13) blameless, temperate, sober minded, not greedy for money, gentle, not quarrelsome, able to teach, good testimony among those who are outside etc (Titus 1:5-9) not quick tempered, not greedy for money etc.

      This site has nothing to do with an “enemy.” It has everything to do with guarding the office of elder/teacher in a church, and in the church as a whole because of the great influence James MacDonald has on the North American church thru his “ministries” Walk in the Word, the books he writes, the mega church he “pastors.” (Jesus’ enemies didn’t know what they were doing… J.M. has had MULTIPLE people come to him warning him of the dangerous path he is treading… he is not ignorant.)

      James 3:1 says that teachers will be judged more strictly than other christians. Thats God’s Word, not something this website or I made up. God sets the standards and rules. We do well to heed His guidance. It’s not about being “disappointed in man.” (If it were, people would be leaving the faith, rather than going to different churches or pleading with J.M. to change.)

      j.M. is an eloquent teacher, and some of his teaching is good, (mostly the older stuff.) But a lot of times I hear him twisting scripture and holding very dogmatic positions on non-essential doctrines. The HBF I was a part of sometimes would have us use DVDs of his teaching for small group or if the pastor was not available to preach that sunday. I was surprised at the subtle un-Biblical things he taught that people didn’t seem to have an issue with. I marvel that he can get away with it and people laud him for his “solid Biblical teaching.”

      Matthew 18:15-17 (A favourite here!) a charge is established by 2-3 witnesses. The number of witnesses here: 8 Former Elders, 7 Former Staff Members (not to mention the 3 churches who withdrew from the “Fellowship.”). So thats 15 witnesses. 5x the number needed according to God’s Word. (And, as a side note, the elder video never even negated the claims that the former elders brought forth. It just said they rejected it. Hmm…..)

    4. This is a prayer I have prayed as a sought to own my part in this; with the hope not for resignation, but for repentance and restoration.

      1. Anonymous: “This is a prayer I have prayed as a sought to own my part in this; with the hope not for resignation, but for repentance and restoration.”

        James MacDonald has had more than enough opportunity to repent. Yet, he remains obdurate and even dares to lash out at godly men who are merely doing their duty (he cunningly reserves his severest attacks to be delivered through other mouths). Perhaps the part we all have played is not being wise in choosing our leaders and failing to replace him when he showed that he was not qualified for his office. James MacDonald showed who and what he was a long time ago.

  3. @desperateville
    “This site and its publicly available proofs” and “the massive evidence provided” conveniently leave out:
    – The publicly available proof that their ‘facts’ are inaccurate. See elder update Oct 2012, pt 5: “The church’s existing assets are approximately $150MM, with $90MM of equity.” http://www.harvestbible.org/10780/blogentry/entry_id/368680/October-19-2012
    – And massive evidence is and continues to be provided that shines true light on this massively biased darkness and shreds the very premise of its existence. See Financial Integrity documentation: “The purpose of this page is to bring assurance to all supporters of Harvest Bible Chapel and its ministries. We want you to be confident that your giving is being leveraged for the highest and most Christ-honoring kingdom purposes.” http://www.harvestbiblechapel.org/10780/content/content_id/374437/Financial-Integrity. Not to mention the monthly members meetings: http://www.harvestbiblechapel.org/10780/event/event_id/374181/Members-Meeting.

    Why? Maybe because if the facts were accurate, all those who feed on this sewage would have to find something else to do.

    1. The issue of HBC’s alleged “equity” has been addressed at this site, but since reading comprehensively is a time consuming task I understand why you might have missed it. So, let me review it for you here.

      The “equity” is largely based upon real property owned by HBC, and these properties, as you may recall, were donated or largely discounted to them. This is because the properties could not sell on the open market, and some where bought at an auction at deeply discounted prices. If the value of property is what a willing buyer would pay then the assigned value of $150M is an accounting fiction. This is especially true since HBC renovated all of these properties for church use, so now they have narrowed the market for these properties to churches. So, what other church in this area would want to buy these properties at those prices? None.

      It is this kind of critical engagement one must do when listening to James talk about anything. He has cultivated a culture at HBC where that does not happen. I know. I was there, and I was part of the head-nodding, uncritical crowd.

      Nevertheless, this is an exercise in missing the point because when James ran up the debt to $70M HBC did not possess most of these assets. So, it is not anyone’s argument, that I am aware of, that HBC is presently on the brink of financial ruin, but the authors a this site and others pointed to the debt and the manner in which it was quietly accumulated to show the character of a man that was willing to take huge risks all to expand his empire for personal gain.

      As for the ECFA accreditation and the various audits, these are not terribly relevant to anything that has been publicly argued. It is all fine and good that HBC does this, and it is of no harm per se. However, these audits are only designed to sniff out unethical accounting practices or illegal uses of money. They do not render a judgment on whether the amount of debt and the reasons for accumulating that debt are “biblical.” They do not render a judgement on whether HBC is accurate in claiming $150M in assets; they simply accept those figures as correct and then do their analysis. They do not render a judgment upon the character of the man leading the church which has been the focus of this website from the beginning. So, HBC can get all the audits and accreditations that they want, but it is an exercising in missing the point. It is a well crafted ruse designed to obfuscate and distract from the real issue, James’ character.

      As for the monthly meetings, the value of cross-examination is only as good as the information already available to the one asking the questions. Since you have missed reading the explanation of HBC’s claim regarding their equity situation that was posted here, it is very likely that the overwhelming number of HBC congregants have not internalized and processed all of this information so as to make the Q & A time anything other than an opportunity for one side, James, to provide a response a one sided response. If HBC has an audio version of these Q & A sessions they would like to post on their website then I am going to bet (no pun intended) that TED would gladly review them to provide a thoughtful and critical response to whatever may have been said at these events.

    2. Alex, I know we have written an enormous amount of material, and it is not necessarily easy to keep it all straight. However, we addressed the “equity” issue almost a year ago, and HBC has never provided a counter to our argument in that year. Here is a link to our original response.

      As far as audits and ECFA endorsements, these do little to remedy what was done in the past. And, we only pointed toward the level of debt as part of a larger argument regarding MacDonald’s character. We never have claimed that HBC violated accounting principles or the laws regarding how 501(c)(3)s are to handle and report money, and these are the kids of issues audits are designed to discover. Interestingly, the ECFA endorsement does not require MacDonald to disclose his massive compensation package to his current elder board, and transparency is part of the problem we have pointed to through a number of posts.

      As far as these meetings, we do not have access to content of these meetings, and to the degree that HBC has not made these public, you cannot fault us for a failure to comment upon something we have no access to. If HBC would like to send us recordings of these events we would gladly interact with whatever was offered up as an answer/response to the issues raised by TED.

      1. From what I understand, effective Jan 1, 2014, ECFA accreditation will require that the full board “approve the top leader’s total compensation package, and shall be notified annually of the total compensation package of any member of the top leader’s family who is employed by the organization or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates”.

        The board must have a majority of independent members and “no person in the decision-making process may:
        (a) be related to the person whose compensation is being addressed,
        (b) be subordinate to the person whose compensation is being set,
        (c) be a person whose compensation is determined in a manner that involves input or decision-making by the person whose compensation is being set, or
        (d) otherwise have a conflict of interest.”


        1. So Mark, the question is, are ECFA accredited institutions, that are approved before January 1, 2014, “grandfathered” out of this clause? If not, do the recently proposed changes to the HBC constitution regarding the structure of the elder board have anything to do with meeting the ECFA requirement but only among a few hand picked (or should I say hen-pecked) men that will do what James wants?

    3. @Alex,

      First of all my nick is different and it is not what you have made out of it which only shows your malicious and mocking intent so intrinsic for the “love” of HBC cast… Do not send us to Harvest site if you honestly want to discuss documents presented HERE: https://theelephantsdebt.com/the-documents/ and HERE: https://theelephantsdebt.com/the-5g-campaign/

      So what is “sewage” really? Your malicious mockery, deceptive avoidance of the documents presented here and instead sending over to HBC versions or ? Perhaps if you stop benefiting from current status quo at HBC and will be removed from its caste you would start thinking straight? Perhaps that is what needs to happen and what will happen in God’s Grace over you.

    4. Some of us care about the truth, Alex. A church that is not about honesty and integrity, is not a church worthy of the name of Christ. Ironically, those “churches” ultimately fail to be about love either, as you have demonstrated by your vitriol toward others who are, after all, your brothers and sisters in Christ.

  4. Did anybody go to the members meetings they did last month? James showed up and it was very town hall-esque. Anyone could ask a question and direct it at James, Fred Adams, or the elders that were present. There were a few questions asked pertaining to info on this site last time.


    1. The questions were prescreened and subject to elder approval. An elder held the microphone for the people asking questions, just in case anybody tried to sneak in a question not to James’ liking. Just another dog and pony show. No real substance. No repentance. Just more promises of future transparency.
      I don’t want to give up on HBC yet, but it is getting increasingly difficult to listen to James. Since he came back from sabbatical, does anyone else feel that James is using the pulpit to deflect and defend? Each weekly message seems to be a rationalization for allowing James to continue his ways. And now the Uncommon Community study for small groups.

  5. Former HBC Memeber October 3, 2013 — 12:18 am

    Thank you to Jim, Matt, Rod, Dave, Russ, Ron, Scott, Barry, Dan, Josh, Mike, the 4 HBC church plants that have spoken, and to Scott and Ryan, and to EVERYONE else who has spoken up. Your bravery, courage, and risk is much appreciated.

    I know this is slightly off topic and maybe the authors will address this. But, the logic concerning the video removal does not follow. Assuming all the elders believed that they were doing the “correct and godly” thing when they posted the video two or three weeks ago, and showed it to the entire church family, then why remove it.

    If they suddenly have had a change of mind, and realized that what they did was not the best course of action, then why not admit this. Instead of apologizing for their decision, they instead try to eliminate all evidence of said video. This is the type of action from HBC that has been done over and over again (for years) – to the point where there can be no trust from the congregation afforded to the leadership. Their constant “spin” and “damage control” tactics have given them zero credibility. All this does for me, is to re-emphasize the already known fact that the elder board is only for show and is really a “puppet” for the actual “leader” of hbc.

    Harvest and the leadership:
    – Where is the video?
    – What was your rational in removing the video and trying to destroy all evidence of the video.

    Since Harvest publicly humiliated both Scott and Barry in front of all the service at HBC (at every campus in front of thousands of people), I firmly believe that they need to publicly apologize (at each service) to these men and post this apology so that everyone who heard/saw the first video can see this also.

  6. Moody is still doing good even with ties to MacDonald. I never hear his name around campus. I know that Moody is financial supported by MacDonald, but he is not reaching into the classes or controlling Nyquist. Let’s keep focused 🙂

    1. ** I know that moody is financially supported by…**

  7. Jim – thanks for reaching out with your testimony and encouragement. I am glad that you and your family have healed from leaving Harvest. You were one of the good guys at HBC. Not too many left…

  8. Dear Pastor Jodrey,

    Thank you for always displaying godly character to us as you worshipped and worked for Christ at HBC and VCB. You, Dave Corning, and Pastor Jones are all men my husband and I admire and respect greatly. Your humble hearts are always evident and we pray more men in leadership follow your integrity. One day in heaven you will all know how much impact you made for Christ’s kingdom.

  9. Flock Leader Speaks Out For the First Time October 2, 2013 — 6:24 pm

    As many of you may know, my wife and I have been at Harvest since 2004 or so. We have been faithful tithers, and even pick up any Starbucks lids or discarded wrappers we find in the parking lot on the way to our car. Both of us are often tired from the joy-filled worship each weekend, and bending over to reach the pavement is not easy. Still, we felt that we should continue to do our best and see what God might have for us.

    In that time, we have had several informal conversations with Pastor James, and I regret to say that he has been uniformly friendly and polite, even giving my wife a fist-bump, a behavior that I believe has origins in gang culture and is unbefitting a pastor. I even heard from one of my small group leaders that James kissed him on the forehead and thanked him for serving. Is Moody aware of this when they broadcast his gospel-centric, biblically sound sermons each day?

    If only that were the worst. Before ever giving any tithes to the church, I contacted Fred Adams and asked if any financial information pertaining to the church was available. I had yet to join the church, but was appalled when the next day I was emailed two years of audited financial statements and invited to ask if I had any questions. My suspicions about Harvest’s fiscal integrity only grew stronger in successive years, and were confirmed when the ECFA audited and accredited the ministry last month. So sad.

    Things deteriorated further when I attended a Men at War meeting and discovered to my complete shock that Pastor James is not perfect. I felt alarm rising in me as he confessed his faults transparently to the men in the church, and the problem only spread when in response I and several other men began meeting together and exhibiting the same horrible honestly and transparency. Before long we were encouraging each other and gaining greater victory over habitual sin.

    Lately, despite our best efforts, we find ourselves continually moving closer to the Lord and growing in faith. Each week we trudge to Harvest (we’d prefer to look for another church, but as you know, going to Harvest is the law in Illinois), only to be met with more of the same: solid doctrine, heartfelt worship, and good friends who love the Lord. I am at the end of my rope.

    As with others who have shared their stories here, I will somehow manage to share several paragraphs of another man’s faults while neglecting to mention any of my own embarrassing failures and sins. I am praying for Harvest, even as I rip them to shreds in a one-sided echo chamber and sling mud on a public blog.

    Sincerely, Pitiable Flock Leader

    1. @ Pitiable Flock Leader – Only a few informal conversations in almost ten years… You do not know the man, that is obvious. Faithful flock leaders to James Macdonald yes, but to our Lord, I wonder…

    2. Dear Pitiable,
      I do not agree that the men who have spoken up are saying they are faultless. They are speaking up because three recently resigned elders were called “Satanic” in a video which had a much wider viewing audience than does this blog.
      As you mock these leaders – men of integrity and honor – you hide behind a pseudonym. Indeed, that is pitiable. If you are currently a flock leader, I fear for your sheep. Jesus said that the Shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. You will not even divulge your name.
      Praying for your flock,
      Gini Barney

    3. @ Starbucks lids faithful picker,

      That kind of mockery, cynicism, manipulation and intentional reduction of what this site and its publicly available proofs is about could only come from someone who has a vested intere$t in maintaining the abusive status quo of James MacDonald, his “yes men” and inner circle staff of HBC. Let’s face it, shall we? You are collecting a check from HBC or someone dear to you does therefore you strolled here with your parade of blood chilling ridicule and quite dark cynicism dressed up as humor. Unwillingly you have only further testified to what kind of spirit rules and permeates HBC and its dealings with substantiated and rightful criticism. I feel and fear for the flock that was told you are a “leader”, they are also mistreated and manipulated that much is certain. Even if half of what you wrote was true and perhaps all of it is what does that change for the massive evidence provided to the otherwise? It does not. None is saying that MacDonald is abusive all the time and to all in all situations which seems to be a main assertion of your diatribe. What is said here and proven is that he is abusive, manipulative, deceitful and ruthless plenty of times to be disqualified from the position he illegally occupies as of now. That much is plain and logical. You have to ask yourself where is your loyalty in the end? With MacDonald and check coming from HBC or with God and His Gospel? It is one thing to be clueless it is another to be clueless to gain.

    4. a/k/a Mr. Arosen, perhaps?

    5. Former HBC Memeber October 3, 2013 — 12:00 am

      @Pitiable Flock Leader

      If you are truly a flock leader, I pity the small group leaders (and therefore the members) under you. This kind of statement is the kind of arrogance and mockery that has been seeping from the core of Harvest leadership for sometime (and what has prevented any type of reconciliation/repentance). I would encourage you to strongly reconsider what you have said.

    6. My, my–what bitter sarcasm! If the ECFA could approve of the financial shenanigans of MacDonald and company, then the organization is itself a joke. Actually, there is a fair bit of material pointing to the fact that the ECFA was set up by the Billy Graham organization to protect the mega-ministries, not the donors. Don’t believe me? Google is your friend. Try “ECFA is a joke”. Worked for me.

    7. Flock Leader, interesting that you use pride and cutting sarcasm to defend how godly you and your church are… very harvest.

  10. Jesus said, “And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.”

    D.L. Moody said that the one sin that is doing more to hold back the power of God in revival than any other sin is an unforgiving spirit. One night as I knelt down beside my bed to pray, the Spirit of God convicted my conscience with the thought of my anger toward an individual. The scary thing is that if you would have asked me prior to this moment, “Are you angry at this person?” I would have said, “No.” Furthermore, I would not have been knowingly trying to deceive you or myself.

    We need to invite the Spirit of God to reveal the bitterness in our hearts as we seek the Lord with an open Bible. The truth of the matter was that I was bitter toward that person.

    There is no person who does not struggle with anger in some way. Everyone may not express it in the same way, but the temptation to succumb to unrighteous anger and attempt to selfishly vindicate oneself does not bypass anyone.

    Let the Lord reveal any unrighteous way you are processing the pain of your soul. Christ desires to put His healing hand on the hurts of your soul. This healing is not dependent on another person’s perfect understanding of you. It is dependent upon coming to the Lord in complete honesty and opening yourself up to Him and His truth. The only lasting solution is learning to look to Jesus to continually fill our souls.

    1. Please do not change subject and do not blur much needed focus in need of repentance of men who sin continually in their offices of pastors and elders so. Their errors impact thousands and must be exposed and corrected. This is not about personal sin of theirs or ours or yours. This is about the sin done in and through the offices these men hold.

    2. This is typical playing of the “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” card. Who are you to question your elders/leaders? This card is ALWAYS played in these tyrannical/cultish scenarios when the leader is called out publicly. For some excellent reading on the subject of “obey your leaders and submit to them” I would refer you to this:


      “Be persuaded by your leader’s conduct” instead of blindly submitting.

    3. It is true, Jesus tells us to forgive. But that is not the purpose if Jim’s statement. If he wanted to bash HBC in bitterness, he could’ve done so 3 years ago. Jim now writes in support of his friend, Dave and others that he believes acted out on conviction and did the right thing. A more relevant verse would be Ecc. 12:13-14 – “Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgement, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.”

    1. download it too!

  11. Here’s another interesting thought brought up on another blog. If the elders claim to speak for God, why was the video removed?

    1. I guess God may have changed His mind???

      1. How convenient… Same “god” must have told them now to remove and suppress the video where they so pompously “spoke for him”. The entire elder board of HBC should resign now if they have any fear of the true God and those four who blasphemed Him on this repugnant video should be banned from any leadership in any Christian Church for good due to their demonstrated lack of any true discernment and engaging in blasphemous manipulation done in God’s name.

  12. To whom did Christ show His love, according to Romans 5:6-11? It was to the helpless, ungodly, sinners and His enemies. If God so loved us this way when we were His enemies, will He make us perform for His love now that we are His reconciled friends?

    Every time I saw a passage that showed me my responsibility to love, I would ask, “How is it that the Lord has first loved me in this way?” For example, Proverbs 17:9 says, “He who covers a transgression seeks love, but he who repeats a matter separates intimate friends.” I reasoned “Thank You Lord that You offer me Your gracious forgiveness because You are seeking to build a relationship of love.” If God constantly rubbed all of our failures in our face, we would never enjoy an intimate relationship with Him. God desires us to imitate Him in our relationship with others and offer loving forgiveness rather than reminding them of all their failures.

    1. Before I wrote this I read asserted by you Scriptures. Unfortunately, you are misapplying them. Text about justification or true friendship is not of any help or support in what you imply here. Certainly not in discerning why pastor and elders of 13,000 member church while claiming to speak for God then denounce fellow Christians as “satanic” for daring to criticizing their money and power crazed shenanigans. Same video which they now try to suppress and cover up as a proof of their run amok foolishness. Yes, they suppress it now for this is what you will see if you follow their previous link to their pompous, pious yet incredibly fatuous and wacky “God talk”:

      The item you requested cannot be found. It may have been moved or deleted. If you reached this page via a bookmark, please update your bookmark. You may be able to find the item by using the links below.

      Please do not confuse personal sin with institutionalized, empowered, prolonged and UNREPENTANT SIN of a shepherd and elders. There is a massive difference there which you ignore.

    2. This is sadly typical of those who defend people in power. The focus gets turned away from BLATANT public sin by those in leadership positions and onto those who have been sinned against and who refuse to take it anymore. Forgiving Pastor James DOES NOT mean to keep him in the pulpit. LOVING him BIBLICALLY means to remove him, not allowing him to continue bullying his subordinates. It’s amazing how “love” and “forgiveness” have new meanings when we are guilty of idol worship……….this is like Stockholm syndrome. And why does “love” and “forgiveness” entitle the unrepentant to stay in positions of power? Maybe we have changed their meanings to reflect our true motives. Just a thought.

  13. Jim was very gentle in his posting, evidence of the Lords healing touch. PTL! I was a member of Jim’s men’s groupe at the time of his termination and Jim & Brenda were devastated by the loss of job, church and friends over night.
    When I asked him to describe how it all was presented to him: He said “let me think of the best word to sum up the way I was treated”…….after some time of silence he said: “IN A WORD RUTHLESS!”
    I thank God for the FREEDOM we enjoy in Jesus Christ and I join Jim in prayer for those who remain at HBC.

    1. Terminated or Retired? October 2, 2013 — 1:11 pm

      Ray, are you suggesting that Jodrey was “terminated?” The church was told he retired.

      1. He was terminated. The “retirement party” was really awkward.

  14. former hbc member October 2, 2013 — 12:04 pm

    Highly respect the Jodrey family for their Christian character. They have mentored our family several times. I am happy they have moved on from HBC and that they are faithful to the Lord through difficult times. Your faithfulness does not go unnoticed.

  15. I was extremely disappointed to hear that James McDonald would be the guest on Dr. Rydelnik’s Open Line program heard on Moody radio on Saturday mornings. I didn’t even listen like I normally do. It is difficult to see so many people still enthralled with Mr. McDonald, particularly people who are highly respected and regarded.

    1. former hbc member October 2, 2013 — 12:08 pm

      I would love Moody to wake up to what is going on. I have stopped giving to them because they still promote james, hbc,..

      1. I expect that some at Moody are aware of the issues against James MacDonald but don’t care. That would be really sad in an organization that once held so much respect among evangelicals. But so much of evangelicalism is on the “downgrade” (see the controversy of Spurgeon’s day as he tirelessly preached against rising tides of anti-biblicism in the mainline denominations). Francis Schaeffer s “The Great Evangelical Disaster” was quite prophetic. Those who are ignorant of Scripture are prey to the wolves in sheep’s clothing that are prowling through the flock. And there really is no excuse, as most evangelicals have many Bible’s on their bookshelves. Of course, that is the problem. The Bibles sit on the bookshelves until they are taken to church on Sunday, and then redeposited on the shelf on Sunday afternoon.

        1. Well, Paul Nyquist, President of Moody Bible Institute, no longer attends HBC, so some at Moody care.

        2. James,

          Great point and if I may add, no amount if Bible studying will do any good if God the Holy Spirit does not make the way first. Without that all that is left is described in the greatest canard of all times: “What do YOU think this verse means?”

    2. I have to agree. With what is going on with Harvest, why would Dr. Rydelnik feature James? I did listen, and it was very difficult. I greatly respect Dr. Rydelnik and would like to hear his “take” on this whole matter.

      1. I think that it is obvious that he did that to support him in light of mounting criticism.

  16. Editor’s Note: Approximately two weeks ago, the following comment was accidentally left under “Your Story.” The section of the website is reserved for statements made by former Elders and staff members. Therefore, we are reposting this comment here.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Good Morning,

    This is the first update that I am receiving from your website in quite some time. I am not sure where all of this is headed but as you may recall, my wife and I were one of the bigger donors to Harvest when we attended the church 2000-08, I was verbally abused by James when confronting him on his own lifestyle. This was brought to his attention recently by my sister, who is still a member, in a meeting with an elder. In addition, she let the elder know that my brother was sinned against as well in that he was verbally abused and short-changed by James and Kathy MacDonald when moving them into their Inverness home. When or if this was recently brought to James’ attention he did nothing. The elder came back and apologized for James.

    In my view, James has offended so many people he would have to take a year-long sabbatical to make amends with all of those he has offended. On some level, he has probably been willing to apologize to other important people in ministry who he has offended but he does not regard it as important to apologize and seek forgiveness from all the “little people” he has offended. My brother was a little person-no need to circle back on that relationship. And as for me, I have no idea why he felt in unnecessary to apologize and seek forgiveness.

    It’s probably hard to understand why you guys are running this website unless you are a witness to a first-hand account of James’ abusive conduct. To my way of thinking, his conduct was so far outside the bounds of acceptable behavior for a pastor that I can understand why you press on. I am don’t know the elders who cut the video. But as far as I am concerned, the elders who were at the church when I was there, were really his supporters which might explain why they are willing to twist the truth and make a video condemning the last two who decided to resign. I predict that video will do more harm than good to Harvest Bible Chapel.

    I thank you for running your website and hope that God does work it for good in the life of James MacDonald and the life of Harvest Bible Chapel,

    Ed and Dimple Owens

    1. So your brother apparently owned a moving company, moved the family from Arlington Heights to the plush Inverness mansion (US Sentor Peter Fitzgerald’s prior home) and James MacDonald stiffed him on the bill?

  17. Just fyi everyone, Harvest now claims that the elder video is their “intellectual property”. Someone “anonymously” filed a complaint with Youtube over a bloggers’ copy of the video. So the Harvest elders “speak for God” and the video is their “intellectual property”. Apparently God is Harvest’s intellectual property. Cute.

    1. Cute it is not. Instead it is another characteristic of manipulation, threatening and control so intrinsic for the cults. James MacDonald, HBC elders and all those who support this continually mock God by their wordily, corporate like scheming which they dare to do in the name of Triune God in their utter and complete foolishness. Götterdämmerung.

      1. Yes apparently a concerted effort is underway to eliminate all traces of said post and video. How can this be tolerated by any discerning Christian? How? No attempt to apologize, no repentace, nothing but a cover-up. Soon it will be outright denials that such a post/video ever existed. Soon there will be lawsuits. This will all follow the pattern that spiritual tyranny/cultism ALWAYS follows. More men and women of integrity in the HBC system need to stand up, or walk out!

        1. At least Ergun Caner had the decency to wait until his lies were a few years old before he started threatening copyright lawsuits to cover up his own videos. These guys are setting a speed record.

        2. Is it not interesting that Caner was also being promoted by Moody? I mean he was coming to all these men conferences telling everyone his fabricated drama about his “jihadist” to Christian transformation.

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