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Numerous sources are now covering the James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel story, and one reason to continue this blog is to aggregate the numerous sources regarding this story in one place. Here are several (not all) stories regarding MacDonald and HBC that have been reported elsewhere.

Julie Roys’ Blog:

HBC Issues an “Apology”
30 April 2016

Former Elders Say ECFA Ignored Their Warning Six Years Ago About Harvest’s Lack of Financial Controls
25 April 2019

James MacDonald Took Millions from Harvest & Now Demands Broadcast Ministry
17 April 2019

Contributing Editor for Christianity Today, Ed Stetzer, Faces Conflict of Interest Questions After Accepting Car From James MacDonald
8 April 2019

Classroom Videos Show James Macdonald Bullying Students
23 March 2019

Harvest Elder, Dan George, Resigns Board, Saying Former Executive Elders Continue “Sinful, Secretive…Controlling Culture”
21 March 2019

EDFA Accreditation of Harvest, Despite Glaring Improprieties, Raises Concern
13 March 2019

Former Harvest Employees Say James Macdonald Lived Large on the Church’s Dime
9 March 2019

Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel Naples Asks for His Church Back in the Wake of James MacDonald Controversy
18 January 2019

Harvest Elders Put James MacDonald on “Indefinite Sabbatical” and Announce “Peacemaking Process”
16 January 2019

My Response to Harvest’s Lawsuit: Time for You to Confess, Repent and Resign
8 January 2019

James MacDonald Removes Walk in the Word from TV and Radio Amid Controversy
4 January 2019

ICYMI: Julie Roys Discusses Journalism and James MacDonald on Doctrine and Devotion Podcast
26 December 2018

Son of Former MBI President Joe Stowell Speaks of “Toxic,” “Unholy” and “Dangerous” Culture at Harvest
22 December 2018

Harvest Elder Accuses Church Leaders of “Deceitfulness and Manipulation” and Attempting to Run a Cult 
18 December 2018

Letter That Prompted Harvest Ex-Communication: “We are Convinced that James … is not biblically qualified to be an elder” 
13 December 2018

Fox News:

James MacDonald is Fired
19 February 2019

The Daily Herald:

HBC Reviewing Former Senior Pastor’s Spending from Discretionary Account
27 April 2019

HBC Loses Financial (ECFA) Stamp of Approval
19 April 2019

Offerings Down, Spending Being Cut at HBC
28 March 2019

HBC Second-In-Command Resigns (Rick Donald)
22 March 2019

Evangelical Financial Group Suspends HBC Accreditation
18 March 2019

Luke and Landon MacDonald Resign
20 February 2019

HBC Leaders Resign
17 February 2019

After Founding Pastor’s Firing, HBC Members Want to Heal
13 February 2019

HBC Moves Quickly to Fire Founder MacDonald After Recordings Air
13 February 2019

HBC Founder James MacDonald Fired
13 February 2019

Mancow: Speaking My Truth to harvest Bible Chapel’s Pastor James
25 January 2019

HBC Says MacDonald Now on Indefinite Sabbatical
17 January 2019

MacDonald on Sabbatical Says He Has Sinned 
16 January 2019

HBC Naples Campus Pastor John Secrest Fired Raising Objections
13 January 2019

HBC Drops Defamation Law Suit
7  January 2019

James MacDonald and HBC Sue Critics
28 November 2018


The Chicago Tribune:

HBC Pastor MacDonald Fired
14 February 2019

“Mancow” Describes HBC Turmoil as “Spiritual Sucker Punch”
13 February 2019


The Chicago Sun Times:

Mancow Bites Pastor MacDonald
13 February 2019

World Magazine:

Hard Times at Harvest Bible Chapel
29 December 2018


Great Commission Collective (Former HBC Church Plants):

GCC Public Statement
17 January 2019

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