HBC Chairman of the Executive Elder Committee Resigns in Protest

Update (5 December 2017)As you may recall, on October 24th, The Elephant’s Debt published a letter by David Wisen.  In that piece, we explained to our readers that David Wisen is the Teaching Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel Springlake in Michigan; and more importantly, that he was the President of the Van Kampen Asset Management Company.  In other words, David Wisen is a wealthy man, who has donated tens of millions of dollars to Harvest Bible Chapel over the many years.  Continue reading

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One Member’s Resignation

Update 11:17:17Our most recent post regarding the David Wisen letter elicited a comment from a reader that struck us as a wise and grace filled response the the MacDonald crisis that we thought it was worth putting up as an independent post, as opposed to letting it languish among hundreds of other comments. Continue reading

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HBF Audit, MacDonald’s Character and a Little Matter Called “Hush Money”

24 October 2017 Update copyIn our previous post, regarding HBC Elder discipline of James MacDonald following questions over the management of Harvest Bible Fellowship funds, we stated that we would unpack the details of this audit process and the questions raised by the HBF leadership.  Since that post HBF has rebranded, and it is now known as Great Commission Collective (GCC). The authors of TED have debated how best to tell this story. In short, rather than have us tell you the story and interpret the facts for you, we have decided that the story is best understood from someone who was “in the room” during this process. Here is his testimony … with our standard set of questions. Continue reading

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HBC Elders Remove MacDonald from Leadership; Retain Him for Teaching

Update (27 Sep 2017)On September 22, 2017, the HBC Elders released an Update stating that James MacDonald was relieved of leadership duty, and he is to remain on staff solely for purposes of teaching/preaching. Continue reading

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Headed to the Big House “For the Sake of Jesus”

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 10.11.58 AM copyLast Friday, we brought you a story about the “intolerable oppression” within HBF that lead James Sherwood MacDonald, in his own words, to “resign.” In the letter purportedly written by MacDonald, he stated that he is seeking an “understanding of why I have allowed people to treat me as they do and what I am blind to that may be causal.” Perhaps comparing his public statements about limiting his lifestyle and his new lodging might provide some insights. Continue reading

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MacDonald is Out

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 5.51.50 PM copy Continue reading

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To Every Season . . .

Update (9 Jan 2014) Continue reading

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