Former Elder and Staff Member Submits His Resignation Letter for Publication

Yesterday, on the 20th of December, The Elephant’s Debt was contacted by Former HBC Elder and Former Head of HBC Security, Jim Rowan.  As some of you may know, Rowan was a long-time member of Harvest and was deeply connected to the men serving at the highest levels of HBC.  In late 2017, during the season that former Chairman of the Executive Elder Committee Randy Williams was sharing his concerns regarding Harvest with HBF pastors, Rowan resigned his staff position with similar concerns.

It should be noted that Rowan has published his resignation letter in a season when MacDonald and HBC are actively suing The Elephant’s Debt, their wives, and Julie Roys.  Furthermore, he is publishing in a season when MacDonald and Harvest are actively reaching out to former elders in the hopes of having them sign on the “Statement of Record” in which the elders (both former and current) have pledged “unconditional support” for James MacDonald.

Here is Rowan’s resignation letter submitted in October 2017.

This notice serves as my two week notification of my  staff resignation, effective October 1, 2017.

The recent resignation by James from HBF and the resulting fracture between HBC and the HBF Senior Pastors have led to questions surrounding  behavior and unethical financial transactions involving HBF accounts.

I am aware there have been some apologies, however the eventual dissolving of the Fellowship have raised questions as to the soundness of decisions made by HBC leaders. In addition the lack of transparency as to what transpired and how that has been communicated to staff and the church is lacking in many ways.

Much to my amazement there are Elders, currently serving on the board who have no idea of what happened and the resulting decisions made on their behalf.

I cannot reconcile actions taken, and in some cases action not taken, with my personal beliefs of biblical leadership and the responsibilities to be above reproach. What chance do we have to lead the people if leaders cannot practice what is preached? Titus 1 V 7

If I say nothing I’m indicating my approval of what has transpired, I do not approve, and will not sacrifice my integrity by not acting.

My hope and prayer is that pride would be set aside and humility and grace would seek the restoration of these vital relationships and the work of making disciples would multiply.

As James chapter 1 19-25 states, we as believers, are not to be just hearers of the Word, but doers of the Word.


8 thoughts on “Former Elder and Staff Member Submits His Resignation Letter for Publication

  1. Unfortunately, to slay the dragon, many innocent people will be injured. Many good people already have been affected, but the infection has to be removed.

  2. Open the floodgates of truth from heaven, Lord. You are not mocked, time for a revival! How will he now twist this story?

  3. Thank you Mr. Rowan for coming forward. Thank you for making your experience public. TED, thank you for being here to make it possible.

  4. Are the underlined bold portions in the original or added here?

  5. Reblogged this on Truth2Freedom's Blog.

  6. What is horrific is that people continue to pledge money to Harvest. The expectations should be a change in behavior which would signal repentance. There are so many blind followers asleep in the light that they are pledging 28 million. That just feeds this beast.

  7. I find all the passive language interesting. “There have been some apologies.” By whom? James MacDonald.

    There has been “lack of transparency as to what transpired.” By whom? James MacDonald.

    There were decisions made on behalf of the elders. By whom? James MacDonald.

    Jim Rowan wants “pride [to be] set aside.” By whom? James MacDonald (and any elders that are supporting him out of pride).

    It’s a good letter, and a bold one. I just wanted to make sure everything was clear.

    1. I gather that he was cautious with his wording at the time but that there were MANY things that fit under his broad categories. (This letter was from last year.)

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