Litigation Update: 29 November 2018 Hearing

First, we would like to thank the numerous supporters who have generously and sacrificially given to defend the authors and the wives of The Elephant’s Debt.  Because of your support, we have raised in excess of $10,000, which, as you may recall, was our initial goal to get us through this season.  A number of you have chosen to send checks directly to us (2206 N. Main St. #207 Wheaton, IL 60187), as opposed to sending money through Go Fund Me.  This is particularly helpful because Go Fund Me takes a small percentage of each donation.  But, please, moving forward, feel free to continue to donate in whatever fashion is easiest or most convenient for you and your situation.

Now, secondly, as many of you are well aware, there was a hearing in court yesterday before the Honorable Judge Diane Larson.  This date was the result of our co-defendant, Julie Roys, filing a motion to dismiss.  You should also be aware that Ryan and Melinda Mahoney via and through their attorney, Tom Scherchel, have also filed a motion to dismiss, which is scheduled to be heard on the 5th of December.  Rather than trying to provide you with what would inevitably be an insufficient and yet lengthy explain of such a motion, we have allowed you to read the motions for yourselves through the links we provided.

As for Scott and Sarah Bryant, via and through their attorney Mark Horwitch, they have requested an extension which reads as follows:

Defendants Scott William Bryant and Sarah Bryant are granted an extension of time to and including December 7, 2018 to answer or otherwise respond to Plaintiffs’ Complaint.

As to the hearing this morning, the Judge has scheduled a status update hearing for next Wednesday, the 5th of December.

What will most likely happen at that time is that a briefing schedule will be set by the Judge.  This means the plaintiff (James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel) will, in all likelihood, be afforded up to 28 days to file a response brief.  At that time, the co-defendants may or may not ask the Judge to give them the same amount of time to file a response to the plaintiff’s response.  When all of this is done, the matter will be set for the hearing of arguments based upon the filings of the parties.  Our best guess, at this time, is that the hearing will occur anywhere between late January and early March.  Again, please understand that this summary represents nothing more than our best attempt to anticipate the course of a case such as this. As the details become more firm, we will keep you apprised.

As you can see, even the earliest stages of a lawsuit take an enormous amount of time and resources, which is why we ask you to be patient with the process, even as we ask you to continue donating to our legal defense.

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