MacDonald is Out

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 5.51.50 PM copyTwo days ago, on the 14th of June 2017, a letter purportedly written by James MacDonald was sent to the approximately 150 senior pastors that comprise the Harvest Bible Fellowship (HBF).  In that letter, James announced two significant events.  First, the local Harvest Bible Chapel of which he is the Senior Pastor would be pulling out of the Harvest Bible Fellowship.  Secondly, he, himself, would be “resigning” his role as the President of HBF.  Control of the HBF church-planting organization would be given to Interim Executive Director, Brian White and his “governance leaders,” including: Ron Zappia, Bill Borinstein, and Robbie Symons.  Sources indicate that in the immediate aftermath of James’ “resignation,” most (possibly all) of the HBF staff were subsequently terminated.

As surprising as this may be to some readers, the language used in the letter distributed to the former HBF churches suggests that this may not be a voluntary “resignation.”  In the third paragraph on the letter, James offers an awkward, rambling reminiscience of his relationship with Ron Zappia, the first and highly successful HBF church planter.  What is revealing about this non sequitur is that he begins by informing the reader of how difficult Ron Zappia became to manage as his time to plant drew near.  He also notes how difficult it was to release Ron from the “nest.”

Observation/Question: Why, amidst a purported resignation letter, is James MacDonald preoccupied with regurgitating his somewhat problematic history of Ron Zappia?

It bears noting, at this point in the discussion, that after more than a decade of identifying his church as Harvest Bible Chapel – Naperville, Mr. Zappia (and presumably his elders) recently made the decision to inexplicably re-brand their church as “Highpoint Church.”

Observation/Question:  What would compel a man to feel the need to rename his church if all was well?  Could it be that, as early as this past Easter, Mr. Zappia was beginning to lay the foundation of his break with Harvest?

One could, at this point, reasonably suggest that perhaps we are reading too much into the Zappia material.  But, various statements made throughout the rest of the letter strongly suggest that this was less than a voluntary separation.

“If desired, our church would be willing to consider membership in a reorganized entity, but that possibility might be best considered by us, after an extended time of healing.”

Observation/Question:  If this was a voluntary separation, why would the flagship of the Harvest Bible Chapel Fellowship ever not be “desired?”

Observation/Question:  Likewise, why would there ever be a need for “an extended time of healing?”

“Some of you will be looking for an inside scoop.  You will not get that from me.”

Observation/Question:  So is James implying that there is an “inside scoop?”

“I have been under the weight of intolerable oppression in seeking to gain support for the needed reorganization.”

Observation/Question: Who has the power to “intolerably oppress” the President of  this long standing organization?  What sole individual, in a college of 150 men, could possibly wield such power? 

“As I have often taught you, ‘To make you feel better about our decision, I would need to make you feel worse about others involved, and I am not willing to do that.'”

Observation/Question:  This unequivocally reveals that James has, in his own mind, an “inside scoop” on multiple people who he believes have acted “intolerably.”  Does this not reasonably suggest that there was a sufficient numbers within the fellowship that wanted James to leave?  Sufficient numbers perhaps spearheaded by Mr. Ronald Zappia?

“My prayer is that by releasing you to be led by capable men in your church planting movement, I can in time be welcomed back.”

Observation/Question: The use of the words “welcomed back” in a future context, obviously suggests that James is not welcome at present.  Hence, any attempt to spin this as a fully voluntary resignation only serves to obfuscate the matter.


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Summary Argument

If we are to take James MacDonald, Senior Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, at his word, we must believe two mutually exclusive realities to be true.  First, a sufficient number of leaders at HBF “intolerably oppressed” James MacDonald to the point where he grew “weary of doing good,” sought counseling, and voluntarily resigned from a multi-million dollar organization that he founded.  Two, we must believe, at the same time, that these men are “good men,” worthy of “your full financial, prayer and personal support.”  This is, to put it bluntly, an illogical, incoherent narrative.

So, given this, isn’t it far more likely that the “intolerably oppressive” (yet oddly “good”) men of HBF gave James MacDonald the chance to save face and “resign” from the organization he founded? 






69 thoughts on “MacDonald is Out

  1. I am new to HBC and i do not understand 100% of what is going on. Can someone fill me in please

    1. Please, go to the Executive Summary to get a larger view of the issues discussed here, and when you have time review the Recent Updates section from the bottom (oldest) to the top (newest).

  2. Concerned Faithfollower October 26, 2017 — 6:11 pm

    Shame on anyone who responds to this type of ungodly gossip! Makes me sick to my stomach. Leave our church alone. This type of propaganda is nothing but divisive and self-serving to someone else’s selfish desires to lead astray non-Christians.
    The devil whispers in your ear but Jesus speaks to your heart. Who is whispering in your ear?

    1. For those of us who have given our hard earned money to Harvest there is a legal precedent for getting our tithes and offerings back. Anyone up for a class action lawsuits?

  3. Concerned Faithfollower October 26, 2017 — 3:55 pm

    Shame on anyone who responds to this type of ungodly gossip! Makes me sick to my stomach. Leave our church alone. This type of propaganda is nothing but divisive and self-serving to someone else’s selfish desires to lead astray non-Christians.
    The devil whispers in your ear but Jesus speaks to your heart. Who is whispering now?

    1. Exposing sin is a godly activity. Propaganda implies *not truthful.* Why don’t you do something that is helpful but it takes a bit of work. Instead of lazily responding from your gut (it is so easy to do that), take the statements from the post and prove they are untrue. The authors of this blog have carefully documented their findings. You need to do the same or you are the one who is actually indulging in cheap, lazy gossip and unfounded accusations.

      What would you say that I believe that Jesus is whispering “Good and faithful servants” to the authors of this blog? Could it be that you are the one who is listening to the devil who would like nothing more than to cover up sin and encourage further sinful activity?

      1. Thank you Dee for your thoughtful response. I am living proof of the sin and injustice that is part of the Harvest as well as the disregard Satan McDonald for ANYONE except himself.

        1. Tim
          I am so sorry that James MacDonald has behaved in such a manner. I hope you all find out the truth of what happened to all the money.

        2. Thank you, Dee, for your kind words. Not even Satan McDonal’ plant, Jim Engleman has had the courage to apologize. I appreciate your compassion and character.

  4. Does anyone know why there are no options to “reply” to the latest entry? It seems odd that it was open for comments but then all the sudden it was shut down.

  5. Another elder update just came out saying the elders have “released” James to focus on preaching and teaching. In Sunday’s message he said things that caused some to wonder if he’s going to step down. Thoughts?

  6. How is it possible that no one is talking about this?
    Harvest Bible Fellowship has been a major initiative of the church for many years, supported by the faithful giving of members at HBC …. and now it’s gone? And no one knows why??

    I agree that HBC congregants have no clue about what is ACTUALLY going on. They must be doing a masterful PR-spin coverup over there.

  7. No updates? It seems as though the people of HBC are unaware this is happening.

      1. Read the past couple months Elder Updates on the HBC website.

  8. Wannabe biker, Con-man & clown circus church inc. I don’t see the comment I made yesterday.Kool-aid drinkers wanted.

  9. What has saddened me is also the lack of care and concern for the sheep. There are alot of great people who go there and I am thankful for them. But when the leaders and pastors seem to be a body with no real caring soul, that is disturbing. When I of the pastors (Not James) about a family member who was possibly suicidal and how can Harvest help him
    The pastors answer was Is he saved? I said no I don’t believe so. He said I can not help him. Thank you Lord Jesus that you are not like that. To this day, very disturbing. Yes lets give money to churches around but in our own backyard.

  10. Dear Allie, (from June 22 post) undoubtedly we know each other. I’m so sorry for your soul-crippling pain and wanted you to know that I am praying for you. My husband and I left HBC Davenport after nearly ten years as well. I had the privilege of serving the women and he served as a deacon; it was not an easy decision to leave that church because of those women and those families. We mainly post this today, not to divulge our experiences, but to let you know, Allie, that our hearts go out to you. But we’re also so grateful that you, like us, can see how good it is to be free—not just free from the few abusive leaders in the midst of some very special people, but free in Christ. I pray for you and for each of us that have had to reconcile in our hearts and minds what is really almost impossible to reconcile: walking so closely in fellowship with many to now realizing that if you’re no longer “all in” (for certain leaders at Harvest), you’re just out.
    For many of us, our reputations were being tarnished and subtle comments were made about us because to still speak highly of us (as they always had), would lend itself to having to explain their role in our departure. But the Lord was good to comfort me with the truth that we are in Christ and Christ is in us. Our reputations are wrapped beautifully in his. His grace truly is sufficient to rightly process truth from error.
    But we know those that remain at the church have also had to try to make sense of why someone they trusted up and left. So many of us felt it was best to leave quietly but we remember saying that we could see why the Elephant Debt website was started because you do have such a strong sense of need to warn people you love but also to protect Christ’s church. My husband and I are still sickened and saddened even today over how Jesus’ name and His Church is being defamed because of the ongoing abuses. Paul, through tears, exhorted the elders at Ephesus to “pay careful attention to the flock, in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God which he obtained with his own blood.” (Acts 20:28) That’s why, we believe, it is so painful to go through and watch. It is so contrary to God’s heart for his Church. Is he still working in the midst? Of course, because HE is a gracious God. Period.
    As a former staff person and deacon, we saw and heard too much over a period of years that led us to make the choice to leave. And that decision was only made after a full year of prayer and fasting and trying to speak truth to the appropriate persons.
    Another piece of my story is that I did not feel free to reach out to the many that had already left before us. So if you left before me, Allie, and felt abandoned by me, please forgive me. Sadly, so much of our first couple of years after we left were spent in counsel with many that were in the throes of being mistreated and sinned against. Those with the pulpit or platform can control the narrative and we are seemingly helpless. But we’re not. God knows. And that brings comfort and conviction to those of us that can admit we are sinful people. Our responsibility is to be a fragrant aroma of Christ to God (2 Cor 2:15). We are walking free of condemnation (Rom 8:1) and because we have forgiven those we felt we needed to.
    Over and over in the Scriptures the testimony of 2-3 witnesses was needed to bring a charge against someone, particularly an elder. (Deut 19;15, Matt 18:16, John 8:17, 2 Cor 13:1, 1 Tim 5:19) Hundreds of people are leaving and have left Harvest churches with very similar stories. The testimony speaks for itself.
    We pray for all who have gone through this to stay near to the Cross. Preach the Gospel to yourself daily and remember vengeance is God’s. While we love him and his Church, we didn’t purchase the Bride with his Son’s blood. He did. (Acts 20:28) He has a complete picture and knows every heart fully. We do not. He and only he can bring the leaders of HBC to a place of authentic repentance and reconciliation, for which I pray even now. Will you and others on this site join me in that? In Jesus’ name and FOR the sake of His Church.
    Jerry and Evie

    1. Having been part of the core group, a founding member and Elder at HBC West Minneapolis (now Vertical Church), I have often asked God if we left for the wrong reason(s). Much of the abusive comments from the pulpit were directed at my family and me. Many of the friends we had grown so close to at HBC West Minneapolis also left wounded, broken and confused. But God is still good. He is still God, and there are other faith families besides HBC’s that are serving the Lord and loving people. I pray that my heart will be forgiving towards the leaders that have wounded so many, seemingly without care, and that one day all will be resolved. Praying, and remaining hopeful in Christ.

  11. James Engleman July 2, 2017 — 7:44 am

    My offer of coffee stands…

    When can we sit down?

  12. For those of you still “drinking the Kool aid” you are either not tithing or have yet to be on the receiving end of the evil your Sr. Pastor spews out. Harvest is a cult. You have somehow moved from worshiping God to worshiping your Pastor. There are no false accusations on this site. I know that because I’ve watched your Pastor waste a year of sermon time defending himself, claiming his innocence, then eventually confessing his behavior. If only every member would take a sabbatical from Harvest, you would then realize the unhealthy environment you are in. I have experienced this firsthand and I am so much better for it. My only complaint is the embarrassment I have from being associated to harvest for 10 years. I am thankful for this site and wish there was one for every aspect of my life….my employer, my neighborhood, my bank. It’s called accountability. Doesn’t harvest claim to be all about that?

    1. Former "Insider" June 24, 2017 — 9:48 am

      Easy Lisa, EASY! I understand your energy on this topic, trust me. I was very much on the inside and was much harmed by Pastor James and the leadership of Harvest, However, there are thousands of good people at HBC. It’s NOT a cult. That claim is ridiculous. The Word of God is being preached, the wonderful worship glorifies God, and people are being discipled. That does NOT release James or the leadership team from the sin in their lives. They should be disciplined and the Elders should get control of the church and help James to change his ways, confess his sin, and repent from his ways. He can’t say one thing, but do another! Changes must happen and I pray and hope that this blog can continue to shine light on to Pastor James, Harvest Bible Chapel, and their sin.

      1. So it’s ok to preach the word but not live it? Harvest is an abusive cult run by Satan. Please take you James loving drivel and go back to Harvest. You are an offense to all of humanity and in the same place and James. LOST!

        1. Former "Insider" June 24, 2017 — 2:28 pm

          Well, that escalated quickly! I can see that we won’t be having a rational, logical discussion. Your name calling delusional accusations are not productive, educated, or reasonable. I never said anything that you are accusing me of. Of course it’s NOT OK to be a hypocrite. But to call a sinful man Satan is absurd. If sin makes you Satan, then we all are. James has done a lot of things that are very wrong and sinful, but that does NOT make him Satan or the church a cult.

          We should be able to call out James and the Elders to confess, repent, and to fix the wrong AND not judge the members of the church who do not know what is going on behind the scenes.

        2. Daniel kendrick June 25, 2017 — 1:09 pm

          Thank you for your post I am a sinner everyday like the rest of us and it seem the ones that are bashing James and the church really need to look at their own hearts

        3. I have looked at my own heart. Even when I wasn’t saved I wasn’t as vile and wicked as James. Not even close. Enjoy that Koolaid.

      2. Who should discipline the leadership? The church is elder led but the elders are men who must agree with the leader or they would not have been selected to be elders in the first place. If you go back to what was written here in 2013 and 2014 you will see that there were godly elders who stepped down when they realized they could no longer be a part of what was happening. Men who spoke up but were shut down and left or were asked to leave. I am not saying other elders are not godly men but they really have no impact on what the leader has firmly decided.

        1. Karen you are correct. I was at HBC for 14 years and watched good men leave on account of James. Dave Corning was an especially godly man and I knew something was terribly wrong when he left. James has surrounded himself with “yes men”. People need to stop giving money to HBC and leave. People stopping the giving and leaving HBC had an effect when this site started exposing what was going on behind the scenes a few years ago. I am glad to see this site active again. So many people at Harvest are clueless as to what actually goes on there. .

    2. Good for you Lisa. My wife and I attended harvest for a few years. during the beginning he was a great pastor, until he fired the real elders of the church (That he had to answer to) and replaced them with his own boot-lickers, 5g campaign, multi-million dollar church debt, construction projects, a multi-million dollar derivative slush fund just to name a few. This is chicago politics 101. Turned a church into CIRCUS CHURCH with ronald mc d. as head con-man & clown. I’m surprised his scam lasted this long after the first exposure. Because of our experience at circus church I will probably will not become a member of any church.I still go to church and give to real charities Just remember no one can take away my faith or salvation.There will always be Kool-Aid drinkers following false teachers from the Old Testament until Christ returns.

  13. James MacDonald.

    Domineering, scheming, quarrelsome, avaricious, defiant…and clearly incorrigible.

    In my opinion, several decades of demonstrated, unacceptable behavior is more than sufficient to call him a false teacher. Why any sincere Christian would tolerate or have any confidence in this man is a mystery.

    (7 years at HBC Rolling Meadows)

  14. Thank you for the update and I will pray that the attacks on you subside. It is never easy when you expose darkness. I had no idea that all of this was still going on. I will pray that Harvest can “right itself”. God is in control and His timing is perfect. I need to constantly remember this and know that God will not let this bad behavior continue forever……

  15. Just a quick note on the name change. Harvest Bible Fellowship does not allow any church which leaves the organization to retain its name. I was a member of Harvest Orlando before we got the boot last year. We are now independent and with a new name.

    1. Interesting, but no matter the name the evil is the same.

  16. Glad to see you back. I appreciate the updates on what is happening at HBC. Was there many years. James should take some time off to get his head together.

    1. But it is his hate-filled, deceitful heart that is the problem.

      1. I am just reading these comments for the first time, but you seem to be the hate-filled one. Just an observation from a bystander. I am sorry you have been so hurt, but you should look to Christ to vindicate you instead of trying to take vengeance yourself on this blog. 😦 So sad to see that James MacDonald has not used his great witness for Christ in a positive way, in fact, it seems that he has made Christ look quite bad to many. I will be praying for Harvest’s all across the world and for anyone who has been hurt by their pastors. I do know that whenever we strive to do good, the evil within us is roused, NO ONE is exempt from temptation and even the best of us fail. Forgiveness is key – Jesus was a great example of that for us.

        1. Thank you for voicing your opinion. I say what I say as a warning. I need to be direct and harsh. Someday you will stop drinking the Harvest Kool-aid and see that my words, regrettably, are true. Satan McDonald is a coward. He has no credible character and he is hell bent on destroying anyone who disagrees with him. He does not walk in the word. He has hurt countless people with his love for Satan. He has allowed abusive practices by his staff to the point that pastors in the area are seeing only hurt people come out of Harvest. No one comes out healthy. My words are strong and let them serve as a warning! You are loved and all the donkeys spouting that lie are minions of Satan.

  17. Looking at the Patheos article:

    …I can take a guess that the other HBF pastors did not like how MacDonald was handling the organization’s funds.

  18. ileana J Forment June 17, 2017 — 6:56 pm

    While I acknowledge that James Macdonald did many things wrong and foolish, and sometimes even sinful (the Lord will determine) and I have watched in pain as he went so far away from the straight and narrow in so many ways, I was convicted by the Holy Spirit to remember that he also gave many many good years full time to the ministry of the Gospel. Yes, people have been hurt by his later years, but many, many people came to know the Gospel and to learn Scriptures under his teaching as well, including me. No one who is a Christian should gloat, be glad, nor revile him. We should be sad and hopeful that, maybe now, he will get a chance to get right with God in the areas he has gone astray. The goal for any Christian is repentance and restoration. Let us pray for James Macdonald.

    1. He also hurt many people as did the leaders of the other HBC’s especially Oakville. Many people’s lives were permanently effected by the arrogance and dictatorship of some of these churches. There may have been some good over the years but a lot of bad and Oakville is oozing with arrogance and needs to change that quickly. Pride is a terrible thing.

    2. GREAT point, Ileana! I totally AGREE! I am NOT saying I agree with everything Pastor James or HBC has done. HOWEVER, I personally would NOT like EVERYONE (with an opinion or judgement) looking into EVERYTHING I do! And I LOVE Jesus Christ and TRY each day to obey HIM but if I was watched for every comment/action/etc. I don’t think I could live up to that (nor do I think anyone else could – remember what Jesus said – those with no sin cast the first stone…) Now having said that, I don’t believe those in authority should be exempt from wrong doings/choices. In fact the word says to they will be held to a higher standard. BUT WHERE is the LOVE/GRACE/FORGIVENESS in ALL of this? Is ANYONE (especially the critics) coming along side him and talking to him in LOVE. Praying WITH and FOR him. Holding him accountable in a GODLY fashion (like we should all do for one another). I don’t know all the details or what is done “behind close doors” but neither does anyone else – at least not ALL of it. I see God do AMAZING things through this man & church. Again if there is some huge sin issue then maybe he needs to take ‘time out” but we should also realize the ENEMY is trying to destroy the work that God is doing! One final thought – we as believers are HORRIBLE to OUR OWN! We WOUND our OWN AND THEN WE WONDER WHY ARE UNSAVED FRIENDS DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT OUR JESUS!! SHAME ON US!! WE SHOULD BE ON OUR KNEES PRAYING AND SEEKING GOD!! God can handle ALL OF THIS!!! We should all be claiming Exodus 14:14 14The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

      1. James MacDonald is a grifter…period. Will the Harvest congregation ever accept it? Some have and left, but the vast majority will say “I see God do AMAZING things through this man…”. They are hooked and will never leave. They will donate their kid’s college savings so that MacDonald can buy new houses, cars, fancy vacations etc…

  19. I am wondering if this is not a big embarrassment for the man who was to deliver a bunch of churches to the SBC, eventually. What a disappointment for Al Mohler and Russ Moores budget. 🙂 just guessing cos I know how these types operate, some were making the kings life hell. Royalty does not put up with that.

    But they now have Greg Laurie. Jim just could not deliver. Neither could CJ.

  20. Daniel kendrick June 17, 2017 — 11:48 am

    For all you haters out there it comes to amazes me when you all need to check your own HEARTS none of us are perfect and no church is perfect the first message i heard from James back in 2001 brought me to the saving grace of our lord and i haven’t turned back so let me NO when upu all are perfect would you. In his grip I stand

    1. The last thing that anyone would want to do to you is confuse you with the facts. We aren’t haters but neither will we be weak. No church is perfect and no one of is perfect is the incubator for someone like James to perpetuate his hate. What we object to is his intentional actions that are abusive and devisive. I am grateful that you came to Christ at a meeting where James spoke. God spoke the Balaam’s ass so using James isn’t much of a stretch for God. The problem is that James is on record saying he speaks for God. I think this is because he thinks if himself as god.

  21. So glad to see you all back. This has been a long time in coming.

    TWW plans to write about this next week. Would you all like to submit anything to the blog as well? We are here to assist you in anyway that we can.

  22. Knew something was amiss when Harvest Naperville changed its name.

  23. Wow the Elephant rises after a 4 year slumber!!! I thought he was gonna sleep forever. Really wasn’t thinking much about the bald bearded guy with the sergeant’s stripes anymore. He seemed so naive and frankly inconsequential. Just a shrill voice in an empty forest. Is he still not playing nice???

  24. Dear Sir: no doubt you say that you love Jesus and I am not going to call your heart into question as you do others. However, I would implore you to stop the attacks and assumptions and focus on cultivating your own love for Christ and making disciples for His kingdom. Furthermore, you will give account for every word spoken, and word typed, when you stand before the king of kings. While you are making judgment calls of James, you are revealing your true hear condition…you might want to check that out. With the limited information that you do have, I’m not sure how you can say that James is in the wrong. However, if you truly believe that he is, follow the words of Jesus and start mourning over his sin rather than rejoicing. Get off your computer and spend some time praying for the pastors of HBF and that the Asversary will not use this to hinder the gospel from going forward.

    1. There is nothing on this website that isnt true. McDonald is evil, a coward. Like a bad plumber, doctor or electrician, all of which McDonald could not do given his limited IQ, isnt it wise to sound a warning? As far as I am concerned anyone on staff at HBC, past, present and future is damaged friut and other churches should be aware when adding these pieces of frut to their staff basket. McDonald’s evil extends to every part of his kingdom. Anyone listed in charge of something is just a figure head and they take their instructions from McDonald. No one at Harvest is allowed to have an original thought because McDonald finds it threatening. His task for today needs to be learning how to spell character and then tomorrow he can find out what it means. Personally I am tired of being physically threatened by Harvest security for simply asking to for a meeting for closure. Trust me. the list of threateners doesn’t stop there.

      1. “As far as I am concerned anyone on staff at HBC, past, present and future is damaged friut” … “McDonald’s evil extends to every part of his kingdom” … “No one at Harvest is allowed to have an original thought”
        I have to assume that these comments refer more to HBC Chicago than to the wider HBF…we wouldn’t want to suggest the sons and grandsons to be guilty of the sins of the father. But even if they refer to HBCC, wouldn’t it be quite a thing to know the heart character of EVERY person in a position of leadership?

        1. It definitely extends. The evil, abuse of the flock, and deceit has trickled down into the plants. I left Harvest Davenport after 10 years, and you would be appalled by the manipulation, twisting of truth, control of information/propaganda to keep the leadership in their places and the people, that they should be shepherding, ignorant. As I went through the process of leaving, I found out how dangerous it is to speak the truth and just how tribalistic Harvest is. I have gone through soul-crippling pain as what I thought were life-long friends completely dropped me simply because I left their church (was never asked why or how I was doing). To be honest, it was all very cult-like. The further I get away and the more my eyes are opened, the more grateful I am that I got out when I did. Unfortunately, years of spiritual abuse really took their toll on me.

        2. Hey Allie, I wish I could give you my contact information but the evil empire would for sure bring vengence upon me since they find it appropriate to threatened me physically and with legal action. If you are anything like me you probably go through good times and bad. Hopefully your good times are getting longer and the bad times are getting shorter. I would love to be supportive of you in some way. The evil empire tends to isolate people and that isn’t healthy either. How can I help?

      2. Daniel kendrick June 20, 2017 — 8:25 pm

        I find it heart troubling the hate that is going on here we are to be Christ like and this is not what it is i am not prefect and we are all sinners calling people bad fruit is being very judgemental we will all be judged by the one who created us i hope you find it in your heart to pray none of us are without din remember that . In his grip

        1. What about integrity, truth, honesty?

        2. I cannot remember the last time anyone from Harvest spoke a kind word in my direction. Keep drinking that kool-aid. For sure my words are strong, but I will not sugar coat the truth. It is love for those who are fooled by James in hopes that they won’t leave the faith when they realize what a snake he is. I no longer refer to myself as a Christian simple because I do not want any association with James. I desire to be called a follower of Jesus.

      3. James Engleman June 25, 2017 — 3:38 pm


        Where are u at now?

        I need to buy you a coffee and pick your brain.

        In Christ,
        Harvest Security

  25. Good riddance.

  26. Thank you for continuing to maintain this website. The long history of this man and this “church” is something we can all learn from. Hopefully you will be writing the closing chapter for the James MacDonald book that has brought us such great hits as “Congregationalism is From Satan” and “when the elders speak, they speak for God.” What a ship wreck.

  27. Could James just resign from HBC and go away? This “man” is a liar, a spoiled brat and an unrepentant sinner, far from God. He is clueless about spiritual​ things and about leadership. That he sought counseling from Henry Cloud makes me feel bad for Henry. James only listens to himself and to his god, intentionally spelled with a small g. Henry was wasting his time with James. James has left a trail of wounded, hurting people in his wake. He act like a man and dedicate the remainder of his life walking in the word, reconciling with those he has hurt, even destroyed.

    1. The Twelve Steps might be a good start.

    2. It’s not just James that needs to go away. Rob Willey at Harvest Davenport is following down the same path as MacDonald. There is a huge trail of carnage in the Quad Cities as well. And if it’s happened here, I’m sure it’s happened at other HBCs as well.

      1. I am really sorry to hear that.
        Rob attended our church in Erie as a teenager.
        I also thought that at one time he was with
        a group of pastors who
        Confronted JM about something.

  28. Thanks for the new post! Very interesting!

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